“Excellent language, excellent”

We celebrated the launch of this website on Friday, May 18th, 2012, with a reading and celebration at A Public Space’s office in Brooklyn. It was a pleasure to share in the warmth and friendship that Circumference has gathered over the years, and to meet so many friends of the magazine, both old and new. 

We were honored to have Idra Novey, Matthew Rohrer, Eliot Weinberger and Stefania Heim, a founding co-editor of Circumference, reading poems in translation. Among the poets represented in the reading were Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros, translated by Novey; the late Virgil Banescu, translated from Romanian by Rohrer; and Mexico’s Xavier Villarutia, translated by Weinberger. 

We’ll be posting videos from these inspiring readings here on our website in the next few weeks. First up is Stefania, who read one poem from each of the first seven issues of the magazine:

 The poems Stefania read in order were:

Issue 1: Talk of Horses by Takarabe Toriko translated from Japanese by Hiroaki Sato
Issue 2: [For the singings that unwound in the air I rhymed] by Amelia Rosselli translated from Italian by Jennifer Scappettone
Issue 3: [If you're not too lazy, go ahead and cite] by Sergey Gandlevsky translated from Russian by Philip Metres
Issue 4: Ask Socrates Marily Said by Ersi Sotiropoulos translated from Greek by Paul Vangelisti & the author
Issue 5: [Excellent language, excellent] by Eduardo Milán translated from Spanish by Patrick Madden & Steven J. Stewart
Issue 6: the following by Ulf Stolterfoht translated from German by Rosmarie Waldrop
Issue 7: The sky, Swiss air space, December 30 by Anni Sumari translated from the Finnish by David McDuff