[Riddle 8]

by Anonymous (from the Exeter Book)

Ic þurh mūþ sprece     mongum reordum,

wrencum singe,     wrixle geneahhe

heāfodwōþe,     hlūde cirme,

healde mīne wīsan,     hlēoþre ne miþe.

Eald ǣfenscēop,     eorlum bringe

blisse in burgum,     þonne ic būgendre

stefne styrme,     stille on wicum

sittað hnīgende.     Saga hwæt ic hātte,

þe swā scīrenige     scēawendwīsan

hlūde onhyrge,     hæleþum bodige

wilcumena fela     wōþe mīnre.

[Riddle 8]

by Anonymous (from the Exeter Book)

I speak by one mouth a feast of tongues sing through modulations changing quick a heady voice crying out loud my tune carry my way resound without refrain as an old evening-bard to courtiers brings merriment to settlements when I alighting shout my voice to homes they quietly sit there nodding.           So tell what I am called who like a showgirl jest and imitate with gusto cabaret promising men much to welcome with my voice.

translated from Old English by Evan Klavon